Le Debutant

The only “beginner’s outfit” that is a real cello!
Cello in solid maple and spruce, lightly shaded varnish; ebony fingerboard; Brazil wood bow with natural hair and ebony frog; padded bag with back pack straps; rosin.

Catalog Numbers: VC91G, VC92G, VC93G, VC94G, VC95G.


Back, ribs and head in flamed maple; table in spruce; ebony fittings; tailpiece with incorporated fine tuners.

Catalog Numbers: VC81, VC82, VC83, VC84, VC85, VC87.


Back, ribs and head in flamed maple; table in fine spruce; ebony fittings.

Catalog Numbers: VC61, VC617, VC62.


Back, ribs and scroll of well flamed maple; table of high quality spruce; ebony or boxwood fittings.

Catalog Numbers: VC41, VC417, VC42, VC43.


​Back, ribs and scroll in strongly flamed maple; table of selected spruce; boxwood fittings.

Catalog Numbers: VC21, VC217.

Pierre Delors

Beautiful cello by our master luthier in Stradivari or Guarneri model; back, ribs and scroll in selected strongly flamed maple; table of fine spruce; antiqued varnish.

Catalog Numbers: VC01F.

Les Classiques

Accurate reproductions of the treasures of the Golden Age of violin making.

Catalog Numbers: VCR1 Copie de J.-B. Guadagnini, Torino 1777, 760mm;
VCR2 Copie de Dom. Montagnana, Venise 1739, 741mm.

'Music is the soul of the universe, the wings of the mind, the flight of the imagination and all life.'


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